​​Kathleen Elizabeth​

 Kathleen enjoys working in many media, preferring natural materials. Her art is influenced by nature, primitive art, prayer, diversity in life and world cultures; always enjoying fresh and  a different viewpoint, intellectually and emotionally, Heart and Soul.

Over 24  years in Saint Augustine. While raising her son there, she received her second degree in Graphic design at Flagler College, 

Kathleen early years in a small town in California and northern Scotland, led her to love nature and exploring. Her family loved to travel. Her Mother and grandmother were artist, and  grandfather was an avid photographer. He gave her his old now, vintage Rolleiflex camera when she only seven. She  spent her days, and to this day photographing everything.

Kathleen is a life long  learner, learning many techniques, to include, the now old fashion, darkroom, iron forging, silversmithing, jewelry making, technical drawing, oil painting, pastels.

A passion for world travel and adventure led her to become a veteran of army aviation. A lifelong relationship with art, yoga and meditation has created her present occupation as artist.